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Data and decisions seem to be such a straightforward connection. Today, we have more data than we will ever require. Many paths enable the creation of things we like to see in the digital world.
However, we abound with areas that have no easy answer. What kinds of data to collect? What sort of end-consumer experience matters? Where are the control gaps at each stage of data generation to data story storytelling? These are some of the themes that keep coming back to my head. Hopefully, I will find my way to showcase projects et al in this evolving space.

July 04 2021

Python Streamlit Financial Dashboard

Created a financial dashboard to testdrive streamlit's python based dashboard building framework.

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June 01 2021

Python Jupyter Geopandas

January 29 2021

Gatsby ReactJS

January 29 2021

BootstrapCSS Website

July 22 2020

ReactJS Gatsby

Migrating 10+ years of blogging and development dependency from Wordpress to JAMStack.

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